Leiah has been teaching The Intuitive Art of Energy Portraiture since 2001 and she  assures you that even if you think you can’t see energy, you can create an Energy Portrait that might even delight and amaze you.
Her work has brought undeniable healing and transformation to her students, and they have urged her to rename her workshop: "The Healing Art of Energy Portraiture."

Leiah Bowden's Eneregy Portraiture class at IWWG conference at Skidmore College
Energy Portraits show us our authentic radiance, and anyone can create them. 
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Opening to Creator Flow
You and I and every other being are God fractals, imbued with the sacred whole in our DNA. Come open to Creator flow and let it pour out of you as beauty.
In her classes, people who do not call themselves not artists, who think they are not creative, whom others have underestimated all their lives, trust themselves as we go through the series of preparatory meditations and visualizations, to pick up a pastel crayon and begin drawing without judging themselves or planning their creation.
Leiah urges us, "We are all radiant beings of brilliance and light, no doubt. When we can surrender in trust , allowing our true, magnificently loving, generous  nature to engulf us, our world changes. And then we can change the world.

Look at these photos of people who had had no idea that they could produce a glowing image of what they saw in meditation as a radiant being. 
To arrange to host or attend a class in The Intuitive Art of Energy Portraiture, contact Leiah via email or phone:
 (518) 374-4388
Energy Portraits on Site: 

In the Healing Art of Energy Portraiture workshop, you will create an Energy Portrait of yourself or another being of your choice. In the process, you will:
• experience the deeply relaxing surrender to your deeper self as Leiah guides you through 
strategically designed guided visualizations 

•  deepen your relationship with colors

• feel the love that infuses your heart as you open to the harmony between you and the other whose Energy Portrait you will create

• look into multi-dimensional layers of knowing and possibility as you create and plan your life and the events, moment by moment, that fill it.

Your Energy Portrait class experience will help you to:
• empower and assign your inner artist to present you with new visions of what presents itself to her awareness 

• stretch your imagination toward the glowing edges of the possible
 "The excitement of our  Energy  Portraits weekend still lingers, yet now there is, if possible, even a greater appreciation as we listen to the tapes anew. So many have told me what an extraordinary experience it is (me included) to hear your words, chants, songs ... as if for the first time, and to be in awe of our possibilities. Thank you."     Noreen Wessling, Director and artist, 7 Arts Studio, Milford, Ohio
learning how to see the colors of our auras and chakras
"First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think that the love you projected was the most important part of the workshop – along with the frequent reminders that we are all ONE!
"What the workshop also did for me was remind me of my creativity and greatness. This is something that I’ve been working on recently (in my own life) so the opening up to greatness to personal power – is at the center of my thoughts right now.
"Thank you so much for offering this class and sharing yourself with us!
Lynne Tillotson, retired teacher, vocational specialist, Reiki master"

"Thank you for sharing yourself, your energy and time and gifting us with trusting our creative nature, and respecting one another in our sacred space...and thank you for the gift of your message, it is quite meaningful for me, and I have printed it off and read it with great appretiation... Blessings and blessings and blessings to you dearest woman! opener of souls!  Love, Terry Bruneau"
"What a healing journey!!!! I would want you to know that all of your group interactions that lead up to our afternoon session were so nourishing & allowed all of us to connect, laugh, support, & BE THERE for one another. 
I felt totally safe & so I must admit now that there were moments of trepidation deep inside. With your divine presence you allowed me to lean into that grief. Gratitudes dear healer/artist/teacher.  Your healing, open heart provided the freedom for my heart to sing so yet another door might open & it did."
Pam LeBlanc
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students in a Lightspeak Energy Portraiture class in Schenectady
Classes in The Healing Art of Energy Portraiture 
(c) Leiah Bowden 2009
Leiah Bowden
Lightspeak Transformational Arts
Spiritual Art: Seeing and Painting Chakra & Aura Colors

(518) 374-4388
transformational arts
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Listen to Leiah explain how she feels universal energy flows and how this comes to life in her  Energy Portraits.
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