We are activated: Mi-cha-el

In 1981 I had what Jungians call a Big Dream that foretold a period of blossoming.
I was walking somewhere in a neighborhood.
All of a sudden there was an atmospheric blip  the light changed in the sky, and we all knew that the time of the New Age had come, that the Great Being for whom we had been waiting had arrived, and we were all ready to shift into gear. We formed circles and danced in the streets, hugging and kissing: The Time was here!
People, gathered together, said, "Look!" They'd scratch the earth away with their fingers, stretched out their hands to the earth, and made little in-gathering movements with their hands. Soon green things began coming up out of the earth. I tried it, and they came out and grew. Then a woman with one arm  someone who wasn't whole - tried it, and it also worked for her. We knew that this force was ready to be activated, and wherever it was evoked, it would perform, or come into being. 
We ran, leaping over obstacles, knowing it was time to do that which we were here to do. I planted some seeds and watched as they sprouted into young men whose name was David  rows and rows of beautiful young men named for Love.
This spring, I saw the physical blip in broad daylight, just as I had dreamed it.
In the ensuing months, I have seen clearly that we are the Great Being. We have been activated. 
Mi-cha-el is a question: Who is like God? We are the answer. Do not doubt it, but joyfully stretch out your hands and create the world you've ached for.

 (c) Bobbie Bowden 2003
transformational arts
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