Does this process involve belief or a spiritual practice on the part of the subject?
No. Plain and simple. All that's needed is to be alive. The Energy Portrait is based on the natural flow of energy, or chi, through your being, no matter what you believe or don't believe.
How long does it take?
A full Energy Portrait such as those on  this page takes between  45 minutes and two hours, depending on the size of the portrait chosen and the individual's dynamic patterns.  A Crown Chakra Portrait takes about 40 minutes. 

Spirit guides often speak to us by saying that they are our brothers or our sisters. This is to help us understand that they are not more evolved than we are, or more worthy of our respect than we ourselves are. We are the same  - but they live in a different dimension than we do and so can see beyond the limits than we think are real. For instance, when we speak to Jesus, he speaks to us calling us his brother or his sister.
All the energies in your Energy Portrait come from YOU. Now .... this YOU  is not the ego-aware you inside your skinbut the more encompassing multi-dimensional self, or Self. It's one of the reasons that Lightspeak Energy Portraits are so special: they describe your multi-dimensional self, and you are far greater than what is in your skin. Your spirit guides express themselves - to a small degree - through what you see in your energy portrait, but what you see there is you, not your spirit guides., and the energy all comes form the energy that you move around moment by moment as you live your life. 

Are all of the energies present in my Lightspeak Energy Portrait actually coming from me? Are they my spirit guides?
Why do my spirit guides call me sister?
A template is a pattern: it gives the energy a basic outline around which to organize itself, otherwise you would have disorganized perceptual dynamics, difficult thinking and it would be hard for you to make sense of things in a way that helps you organize your life so that you follow your soul's purpose.

What's a template in a Lightspeak  Energy Portrait?
Let your intuition guide you in this and in all things relating to your path and the direction you take for yourself. Take cues from your body awareness, from any change in your feelings about elements and people in your life, and in your response to familiar ideas and events.
How can I make sense in a meaningful way of the Lightspeak Energy Portrait and what came through on the tape?
To arrange a Lightspeak Energy Portrait session, 
Email Leiah Bowden at   or call her at (518) 374-4388 to set up the session.

If you are going too have a session in person, all the choices and payment can be made at that time.

If you are ordering a long-distance session, payment is required before the session by credit card,  PayPal,  check or money order.
If writing a check for a long-distance session, Leiah will  create your Energy Portrait as soon as the check clears. Allow four weeks for delivery after payment has been made (and if using a check through the mail, after your check has cleared.) Be sure to call her to establish the intuitive link or send a photo of yourself facing forward. A full-body photo (yes, with clothes on) is best.

Does the portrait come with an interpretation?
Information comes in the form of words, melody, or chanting - and sometimes all three -  as Leiah is creating the portrait.  Typically, the reading may include guidance from the subject's higher self or from the angelic kingdom, past life  aspects related to the energy visible in the portrait, multi-dimensional aspects of the self across time and space - and species - or other information about the subject's path, challenges, and opportunities. 
Can a Lightspeak Energy Portrait be done of a person or animal who has passed away?
Yes; see the  Energy Portrait and read the message from the spirit of a woman whose granddaughter asked this question.

What's a chakra?
Chakra is a Sanskrit word  used to denote one of the body's several energy centers. The third eye chakra is the area just above the bridge of the nose. Sometimes, especially when looking at an object or thinking hard,  people find that they need to press on or rub this area of the forehead. The crown chakra is the energy center located several inches above the physical head.  The crown chakra extends high above the body.
What's the process?
A portrait can be done in person or long distance.
 In person ...
              The person having the portrait done sits opposite Leiah, who observes the person for a few moments, and then goes into a light trance, which faciitates the transition from ordinary  sight to inner sight. She then starts the portrait, and works quietly until it is finished.  The subject may talk,  meditate, sing, or simply relax.  Linda  meditated, as did Sister JeanGary    focussed on his balance.  Martin, whose portrait depicts a view  from his waist up, worked on his computer.
  long distance ...
                The process is entirely intuitive, so Leiah does not have to be in the same room as the person. She can  link with the person via phone or photo.

How is the singing and chanting related to the Lightspeak Energy Portrait?

When Leiah sings and chants as she creates the Energy Portraits, she is singing the energy as well as painting it. In effect, she is singing the energy of the person as well as painting it.  

Frequently the singing comes as the door of her perception opens to the person's energy. Sometimes she begins to paint the energy and then a song or chant comes to fill it out as a feeling, as she continues painting - or she may pause to sing while she sees the colors and shapes build, or feel them, and then paint what has developed on her inner canvas, so to speak.

Prices .....  unframed; includes CD
       18" X 24" or 19"X25                                    12" x 18"
  Single Chakra only                           $120.00                                                 $ 50.00
  Full Body including Crown                $300.00                                                $200.00
  Group Portrait (2 or more together) $600.00 (or more) NA
  Shipping within US $10.00

Prices ...framed
Sending an Energy Portrait as a present, you may wish to have Leiah take care of the framing. Email Leiah at   or call Leiah at (518) 374-4388 to discuss the possibilities.
All images and words on this website are copyrighted. While I am flattered that you might like to borrow them, do not do so without my express, written permission. I look forward to hearing from you with any such request. Thank you ..... Leiah
Leiah Bowden
Lightspeak Transformational Arts
Spiritual Art: Seeing and Painting Chakra & Aura Colors
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(c) 2000 Leiah Bowden
What media are used?
The portrait is done in water-based pastels on pastel paper. The portrait is finished with workable fixative, which prevents the soft chalk from smudging. 
What does it do for me?
 The Lightspeak Energy Portrait activates your  soul's authentic, multi-dimensional energy patternsHelp you move easily beyond frameworks  and assumptions that no longer serve you opens doors you have created  but have been waiting to open until the right moment; and encourages and stimulates healing
The portrait illustrates the larger patterns, assumptions, and goals which you are expressing in this life, brought from other lives and planes of existence in which you are simultaneously living. 
It shows you what and where your strengths are, sometimes it shows how and where you learned to develop these strengths. During the creation of the Energy Portrait Leiah will extend healing, loving energy to any and all places in your mind/body that seem to need healing. She will do this before she“seals” the energy flow in that area by expressing it in color as part of the visual portrait. In this way, the Energy Portrait  is  an audio/visual  healing and mirroring of the life you are manifesting at this point on your path, and it expresses your flow in radiant beauty because that’s what we are: radiant beauties is spirit, of spirit. Physical or emotional  pain does not mar this beauty. 

Encourage and stimulate healing 
seeing the colors of our auras and chakras
Activate your  soul's authentic, multi-dimensional energy patterns
Help you move easily beyond frameworks  and assumptions that no longer serve you 
Open doors you have created  but have been waiting to open until the right moment
Yes. You can see Lightspeak Energy Portraits of horses here. Any animal can bee the subject of a Lightspeak Eneregy Portrait.
Can a Lightspeak Energy Portrait be done of an animal?
What size to order  
No matter what size Lightspeak Energy Portrait you order,  it will blaze forth the colors and the high vibration of your radiant, multidimensional self  and the audio portion will contain helpful clues and cues to appreciating who you are. After reading this paragraph, close your eyes and relax. 

Allow yourself to know that you are That Which you have sought all your life. You are and always have been a radiant being who births your thoughts in the Lagoon of the Lotus, whose impulses carry the blessing of unconditional love.

It is always only your doubt - a milder name for fear - that holds you back.

Your Energy Portrait, together with the audio portion that comes along for the ride,  reminds you of who you really are. Its radiance shimmers in the mirror of your own self-recognition. The love and excitement, the passion and commitment of the soul yearning to burst into life is what Your Energy Portrait shows you.

Ask yourself what size would be best.
What is a Lightspeak  Energy Portrait?  
It's a portrait of an individual based on Leiah's  inner sight of the colors emanating from the individual's being. Some call them "aura portraits" or "chakra portraits." They are tools for healing and activation of your journey. They reflect where you are on your path and how you are responding to your life, and illustrate your own inner "programming" or soul instructions. Each includes an audio portion on cd or downloadable on the web of the received singing, chanting and guidance Leiah receioves from the same source as the images she records on paper.

A Lightspeak  Energy Portrait by visionary artist Leiah Bowden offers a look at the living being from another dimension, perhaps bringing us an extremely simple idea of the view from which the Divine sees us. Also known as "aura portraits" or "chakra portraits," these dynamic pictures depict resplendent emanations pouring out from the subject's body, with the crown chakra extending far higher than the physical head, sometimes doubling the size of the physical body.  In the mirror these portraits offer, people find joy, promise, and an affirmation that they, themselves, and all life, are indeed beautiful and worthy of great respect and tenderness.